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User Manual Triebel Reloading Dies

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Unser manual and safety instructions for original Triebel Reloading dies.

Sizing cartridge cases

Sizing cartridge cases Full-length sizing Sizing cartridge cases During full-length sizing, the cartridge case is sized to the extent that the bullets have sufficient hold and the cartridge cases can be loaded in a correctly sized chamber. Full-length sizing is intended to bring a spent cartridge case into a condition in which it fits into a chamber and the bullet obtains a firm seat. To this end, it is important to know that chambers of the same caliber have different dimensions, that cartridge cases have different wall thicknesses – not only in the neck area – and that bullets, in particular solids, can be slightly underdimensioned. All of this means that a die must be calibrated to the cartridge cases and the chamber dimension. Not every combination leads to immediate success. Partial sizing (neck sizing) With partial sizing, only the case neck is returned to its original condition so that the bullet has a firm hold. Since the entire cartridge case is not stressed during partial sizing, the service life of the cartridge cases increases in comparison to full-length sizing. Cartridge cases that are only sized in the neck area should only be used in the weapon in which they were fired. After only the neck of the cartridge case has been sized multiple times, full-length sizing must be conducted to ensure that the cartridge can be properly fed into the chamber. 8/37 User Manual-2.0

Sizing cartridge cases Die setting distances To prevent damage to the dies, the following distances must always be adhered to during setting. Die setting distances A = case holder to die B = interior sizer (expander) to case neck C = knurled sleeve to cartridge base Distance between the case holder and the die Pressure must not be built up between the case holder and the die. Die set correctly – The case holder does not contact the die. Distance between the interior sizer and the case neck The interior sizer must not sit so far up that sizing from outside and simultaneous expanding from the inside is not possible. 9/37 User Manual-2.0

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