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User Manual Triebel Reloading Dies

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Unser manual and safety instructions for original Triebel Reloading dies.

Legal requirements for

Legal requirements for ammunition production Legal requirements for ammunition production In Germany, manufactured ammunition is subject to the Weapons Act (WaffG). Outside of Germany, observe the rules and regulations of the respective country in respect of manufactured ammunition. All tools and components used to reload cartridge cases are freely obtainable, but in Germany the purchase of propellants is subject to the Explosives Act and its strict controls. A permit is required to purchase propellant powder (nitrocellulose or black powder). For noncommercial use, a permit pursuant to § 27 of the Explosives Act is required; this is valid for 5 years and must then be extended. Expertise and general reliability are not sufficient here. Permit for loading and reloading cartridge cases To obtain the technical expertise to manufacture ammunition, you must complete a recognized training course that concludes with an examination of expert knowledge. To participate in such a training course you must hold a clearance certificate in accordance with the Explosives Act. This certificate is issued after the appropriate authority has checked the reliability of the applicant. In Germany, the authorities check the Federal Central Criminal Register and the Trade Register. In addition, information is obtained from the police and the public prosecutor's office. Pending investigations and criminal proceedings, as well as relevant entries in the certificate of conduct count as reasons to doubt good conduct and deny the clearance certificate. Different regulations may apply outside Germany. Please check with the appropriate authorities to find out which requirements you must fulfill to manufacture ammunition. 6/37 User Manual-2.0

Notes on setting reloading dies Notes on setting reloading dies • Small arms cartridges are usually reloaded for the purpose of individually adjusting the ammunition to the intended use. • Observe the procedure described in this user manual. Then you will have no problems sizing cartridge cases and seating the bullet. • To purchase propellant powder that is subject to the Explosives Act, you must have basic knowledge of legislation regarding explosives (purchasing, handling, storage, etc.) and at least basic knowledge of measurement technology and general mechanics. • The die bodies have the standard 7/8" - 14 UNF thread or 1 ¼" - 12 UNF thread and thus fit all commercially available reloading presses. Larger calibers, e.g., 50 BMG and larger, are manufactured with 1 1/2" thread. • Always keep the die clean and apply a preserving agent to protect it from rust when not in use. • Clean it before use, in particular the inner contour, and apply a thin film of sizing grease. • Arranging for the ammunition you manufacture to be inspected by a ballistics authority provides you with the assurance that the dimensions and loading data have been complied with! • The following applies in all cases: Every reloader acts on his/her own responsibility! Our reloading dies are usually delivered ready for use. The following components are interchangeable, allowing you to make adjustments to meet your requirements. This allows you to respond to different case wall thicknesses or bullet shapes for instance. • Guide sleeves • Bullet seater punch • Interior sizer • Neck sizer rings 7/37 User Manual-2.0

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