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User Manual Triebel Reloading Dies

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Unser manual and safety instructions for original Triebel Reloading dies.

Seating bullets Bullet

Seating bullets Bullet seater die (bullet seater, seat) The bullet seater die is used to precisely seat the bullet. The cartridge case is mounted and centered in the die body in a bore that corresponds to the cartridge case. The depth of the bullet is set in the upper part of the bullet seater die via the spindle. An interchangeable guide sleeve is used to guide the bullet. The bullet seater bushing has a crimp and a no-crimp side, which allows you to set whether the case mouth should be crimped on the cartridge. Individual parts of the bullet seater die 1 Die body 2 Counter nut 3 Distance bushing 4 Spindle counter nut 5 Counter nut with spindle 6 Seater punch 7 Bullet seater bushing (crimp/no-crimp bushing) 24/37 User Manual-2.0

Seating bullets Setting the bullet seater die Description Set the correct case holder in the press punch. Move the press punch to the top position. Screw the Bullet seater die into the press until the outer die body contacts the case holder. Position the seater punch so that it sets the bullet at the right height. Place a sized cartridge case into the case holder. Place the bullet on the case neck and actuate the press lever to move the cartridge case upwards. Screw the die downwards until you feel a slight resistance. Move the press lever back again and remove the cartridge. Check the position of the bullet and the crimp. If the position of the bullet and the crimp are OK, secure the die with the counter nut. Check the dimensional accuracy of the cartridges. Notes The case holder must fit as precisely as possible. Since the edges of the cartridge cases of different manufacturers can have different dimensions, case holders that are adapted to this condition also exist. If the edge of the cartridge is not guided correctly, there is a risk of it rupturing. A considerable amount of effort is then required to remove the cartridge case. Trial and error is usually the only approach here. If an accident of this type should happen to you, please contact our customer service so that we can rescue the die with as little damage as possible. When the cartridge case is inserted, there must be a gap between the case holder and the die body at top dead center. This prevents a pressure buildup that could result in damage. Check the distance. The cartridge case is inserted into the die body and pressed into the die through the dead center of the press. The uniformity of the crimp depends on the length of the cartridge case. If the cartridge cases do not all have precisely the same length, then the crimp will also prove to be different. To achieve an as accurate as possible result, you must bring the cartridge cases to the same length. The press and the Bullet seater die are now set and you can seat additional bullets. 25/37 User Manual-2.0

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