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User Manual Triebel Reloading Dies

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Unser manual and safety instructions for original Triebel Reloading dies.

Sizing cartridge cases

Sizing cartridge cases Neck sizer die The neck sizer die sizes the spent cartridge case at the case neck. The die body has the inner contour of the chamber. The neck sizer die consists of the die body, the bullet guide bushing, the distance bushing, the spindle with the interior sizer (expander), the nut and counter nut and the ejector pin with sleeve nut. The exterior is sized when the cartridge case is pressed into the die. The ejector pin presses the primer out of the cartridge case in the process. The interior of the case neck is sized when the case is removed from the die. This achieves a consistent bullet seat. Individual parts of the neck sizer die 1 Die body 2 Counter nut 3 Spindle counter nut 4 Counter nut with spindle 6 Neck sizer ring 7 Interior sizer (expander) 8 Knurled sleeve 9 Ejector pin 5 Distance bushing Determining the diameter of the neck sizer ring Description Measure the bullet diameter of the bullet being used. Measure the wall thickness of the case neck. Wall thickness x 2 + (bullet diameter - 0.05 mm) = interior diameter of the neck sizer ring. Notes Use digital calipers or a micrometer screw. Measure at a minimum of 3 locations. If the seat of the bullet does not fit after neck sizing, use a neck sizer ring that is 0.05 mm smaller. Since the cartridge cases of different manufacturers expand differently, slight deviations may occur. 16/37 User Manual-2.0

Sizing cartridge cases Setting the neck sizer die Since the amount of force required during neck sizing is very small, it must be possible to feed the cartridge case into the die without resistance. If, nevertheless, resistance exists, then the cartridge case is too large in comparison to the die. The die must then be adjusted, which we will be happy to do for you. Description Set the correct case holder in the press punch. Move the press punch to the top position. Screw the Neck sizer die into the press until the outer die body contacts the case holder. Measure the height of the cartridge base and set the spindle so that it does not contact the cartridge base. Position the spindle using the interior sizer and the ejector pin so that it is located in the center. Set the interior sizer so that it does not sit too far up on the spindle. Lightly grease the cartridge case in the neck area (e.g., with a grease pad) and then insert the cartridge case into the case holder. Move the press lever back again and remove the cartridge case. Check the dimensional accuracy of the cartridge case. Notes The case holder must fit as precisely as possible. Since the edges of the cartridge cases of different manufacturers can have different dimensions, case holders that are adapted to this condition also exist. If the edge of the cartridge is not guided correctly, there is a risk of it rupturing. A considerable amount of effort is then required to remove the cartridge case. Trial and error is usually the only approach here. If an accident of this type should happen to you, please contact our customer service so that we can rescue the die with as little damage as possible. When the cartridge case is inserted, there must be a gap between the case holder and the die body at top dead center. This prevents a pressure buildup that could result in damage. Check the distance. The spindle could be damaged if there is contact with the cartridge base. The spindle must not contact the cartridge base. The spindle and the knurled sleeve could be damaged. The interior sizer could reach into the area of the case neck, in particular on cartridge cases with a very short powder chamber. The interior sizer must be positioned so that it slides without resistance when the cartridge case moves upwards and that it expands the cartridge case only during the downward stroke. Cartridge cases that have not been greased may jam in the die. Clean the cartridge case after sizing. The press and the Neck sizer die are now set and you can size additional cartridge cases. 17/37 User Manual-2.0

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