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User Manual Triebel Reloading Dies

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Unser manual and safety instructions for original Triebel Reloading dies.

Sizing cartridge cases

Sizing cartridge cases Counter nuts for dies The dies can be equipped with a hexagon counter nut or with a round counter nut for a hook wrench. 1 Hexagon counter nut 2 Counter nuts for hook wrench with pin Tighten the locking screws of the counter nuts just enough so that the counter nut is fixed on the die. Version 2 has been factory installed by default since 2020. Matching hook wrench for version for 7/8" dies: • Hook wrench with pin of diameter 34-36 mm as per DIN 1810 B Matching hook wrench for version for 1 1/4" dies: • Hook wrench with pin of diameter 45-50 mm as per DIN 1810 B 12/37 User Manual-2.0

Sizing cartridge cases Full-length die The full-length die resizes the diameter of the spent cartridge case from the case neck all the way to the base. The full-length die consists of the hardened die body and the spindle with the interior sizer (expander) and the ejector pin. The die body is hardened, and the interior surface is mirror-polished. The interior sizer is made of hardened, finely ground tool steel. The complete spindle can be taken out from above, so no adjustments are needed when it is reinstalled. The exterior is sized when the cartridge case is pressed into the die. The ejector pin presses the primer out of the cartridge case in the process. The counter nut is used to correctly position the die in the press. The interior of the case neck is sized when the case is removed from the die. This reestablishes the loadability of the cartridge case and achieves a consistent bullet seat. Individual parts of the full-length die 1 Die body 2 Die body counter nut 3 Spindle counter nut 4 Counter nut with spindle 5 Interior sizer 6 Knurled sleeve 7 Ejector pin 13/37 User Manual-2.0

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