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User Manual Triebel Reloading Dies

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Unser manual and safety instructions for original Triebel Reloading dies.

Distance between knurled

Distance between knurled sleeve/interior sizer 1 and cartridge base The knurled sleeve/interior sizer must not contact the cartridge base. Sizing cartridge cases Spindle set correctly – The knurled sleeve does not extend beyond the die. Spindle set incorrectly – The knurled sleeve extends beyond the die. Setting the spindle for full-length dies and bench-rest neck sizer dies for calibers with short case lengths Factory supplied with special interior sizer; the knurled sleeve is not needed. Spindle set correctly – The interior sizer does not extend beyond the die. 1 The knurled sleeve is not needed for short cartridge cases 10/37 User Manual-2.0

Sizing cartridge cases Setting the spindle Setting the spindle with the counter nut with spindle and the counter nut 1 Counter nut 2 Counter nut with spindle 3 Pressure spring 4 Stop for neck sizer ring 5 Interior expander 6 Ejector pin Setting the spindle 1. Screw the counter nut with spindle downward so that the knurled sleeve does not stick out beyond the die; see Die setting distances page 9. 2. Lock the setting with the counter nut. Setting the spindle with the fine adjuster For setting the seating depth of bullet seater dies and bench-rest bullet seater dies. The fine adjuster can be purchased as an option to provide simple stepless adjustment of the seating depth of the bullet. 1 Upper part of fine adjuster with fixing screw 2 Lower part of fine adjuster 3 Rotating the fine adjuster counterclockwise raises the spindle 4 Rotating the fine adjuster clockwise lowers the spindle Setting the seating depth 1. Loosen the existing counter nut of the spindle from the die. 2. Screw the lower part of the fine adjuster (2) onto the spindle of the die; see Die setting distances page 9. 3. Screw on the upper part of the fine adjuster and tighten the fixing screw by hand. 4. Seat the bullet to the desired depth. 11/37 User Manual-2.0

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